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  Madeline Mariposa 

Madeline has been dabbling in art of some sort for as long as she can remember.  Always the dreamer, she can see art in just about everything.  An avid shopper of thrift stores and flea markets, Madeline has, since a very young age, found it pleasing and exciting to pick up an old dress or jacket and cut it up, and embellish it, to create something new and more desirable.  Her inspiration comes from her Hispanic heritage, as well as turn of the century low brow, the hindu religion, and New Orleans, Mardis Gras culture. She has been setting up her pop up shop around NM, AZ, and CA since the early 90s, at art fairs and concerts, creating more opportunity for inspiration and self expression.  Madeline is the mother of 3, which keeps her busy enough most of the time, but, her go to source of relaxation and expression, is art.

While living in a small mountain town in Northern AZ, she missed the art and culture of NM and la raza so much, her work became more and more about that aspect of who she is, and where she comes from.  Taking inspiration from the likes of Frida Kahlo and Dias de los Muertos.  She works in an assortment of mediums, including fabric, beads, paper, acrylics, and GLITTER!  Also trained in various forms of body art, Madeline can usually be found doing henna at either the henna parties she throws at different venues around town, or in her pop up shop at whatever event she’s set up at.  


E Christina Herr // Christina comes from a long line of artists and musicians. Always with a creative core, Christina demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit early on. She began making and selling crafts as young as 12 years of age. She owned and managed her own brick & mortar store when she was 15 in Santa Monica. Growing up in California, a border state, she was deeply inspired by the immersion in Hispanic and Latin culture. When Christina had the opportunity to attend an exhibit of Frida Kahlo paintings, she was moved and transformed by Frida’s work.


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  Sean Wells // Sean’s artwork has been featured on internationally distributed beer labels (Cerveza de los Muertos), nationally distributed wine labels (La Catrina Vino) and New Mexico Lottery Scratchers for which she received a national award for top scratcherdesign.She is an award-winning 5th generation Spanish Colonial artist and juried member of the Spanish Colonial Arts Society in the retablo category, promoting the traditional arts through her television show, New Mexican Santera. She is proud to be a Little Sister from the Big Brother Big Sister program of New Mexico. Through art, Sean aspires to bring an appreciation for the Hispanic traditions and culture of Northern New Mexico to a broader audience. Sean’s interest in the 505 Fridas is mainly to create more opportunities to showcase local female artists and to promote peace through cultural understanding. Sean also advocates for a living wage for artists and is interested in creating events that help artists support themselves through their talent.  Find more on her website