Inspired by the other Frida tribute organizations in New Mexico including the Phoenix Fridas and the Borderland Fridas, a small group of female Albuquerque artists developed a similar organization for the Northern New Mexico area. Our founder, Madeline Mariposa invited Sean Wells who in turn invited E Christina Herr to participate. We immediately connected on both an artistic level as well as a personal level and have quickly established a plan to grow the 505 Fridas. We are not an official non-profit or business at this time, just an informal organization.

Our current model is to create an open email and Facebook list that anyone can view, subscribe to and follow. We, as the primary organizers will seek out and connect with like-minded artists in the area to create or bind with events that promote culture through creative expression. We will selectively invite creative women to participate as a 505 Frida for a day as we match talents with events. We are looking for women who not only create two dimensional art, but celebrate the local culture and fashion in other creative ways.

Preferential treatment will be given to the following creatives:

  • Women who celebrate the local culture through their art form.
  • Women who demonstrate a professional personality and high level of craftsmanship (not necessarily refined, but well-made).
  • Women who consistently participate.
  • Women who are addressing larger issues (social, economical, political, etc.) in their media.
  • Women who make it easy and positive to communicate with them. (You don’t have to be nice or fake, but be easy to work with.)
  • Women who participate and help contribute to the events on a community level.
  • Women who demonstrate a strong sense of fashion and style.  It does not need to be an imitation of Frida’s style, but should rather set trends.
  • Originality and authenticity.
  • We will be creating events that include our Diegos as well in the future!
  • We discourage people who copy other people’s art and “fan art” that uses copyrighted characters.
  • You do not need to be any specific ethnicity or be representing art from your specific cultural background. If you are representing cultures other than your own, we look especially for a firm understanding of the imagery and a respect of the culture.

As we are volunteer organizers right now donating our time to connect artists to events, you can see that many of the above considerations relate to making life easier for us!

All that being said, we are just three gals trying to make something positive in the Albuquerque community to support our fellow sister artists and we are open to evolving as necessary to meet the needs of the community in the most positive way without taxing ourselves excessively.

Some of the events we already have planned include:

  • Field trips to local Museums and art shows that focus on Frida or other strong female artists.
  • Events where 505 Fridas may sell their items.
  • Art shows where 505 Fridas may show their work for sale.
  • Live painting events with live models.
  • Appearances at other events as the 505 Fridas to show off local fashion and promote art.

Although we already have several events lined up through October for the new organization, we are receptive to hearing ideas that may be a good fit for the 505 Fridas.

Whether you’re interested in vending with us, creating art, being inspired or just surrounding yourself with some creative energy, the first step is to subscribe to our email list and follow our Facebook page.


Thank you for supporting our effort!

Madeline Mariposa ~ Sean Wells ~ E Christina Herr