Mission Statement

“Feet, what do I need them for

If I have wings to fly.”

Frida Kahlo

To celebrate culture with irreverent passion and lift up creative expression by highlighting the joy and mystery of the arts specific to our region, we honor the memory of Frida Kahlo, both butterfly and tiger, Mistress and Madame. With strength, passion, daring, creativity, love and intelligence, she raised the respect of her home through art. She boldly challenged social norms and normal thought in all she projected. She explored and revealed her imperfection to reframe it as perfect human beauty. As kindred Soul Sisters, we aspire to metaphorically conjure the spirit of Frida Kahlo to honor the unique art, artists, culture, history and pride of our beloved city, Albuquerque, New Mexico. By connecting with local organizations and businesses, we create platforms for fellow like-minded artists to share their work and express themselves through education, demonstration and image. Like the bracing that both adorned and framed Frida’s body, we seek to give structure and strength by connecting our local artists to our community and lift up the vision of the Albuquerque creative community to reveal to both locals and visitors the true beauty of this place and these people.